About Big on Fish

Big On Fish Limited. was founded in 2016 by Marine Biologist Sam Hamill. We aim to provide a simple and enjoyable shopping experience by bringing together hobbyists, retailers and manufacturers all in one place, combined with all the tools and information that you need to be a successful aquarist.

The Big On Fish Team

Our team is dedicated to serving you and your aquarium and as such we pride ourselves on what we do and who we are. The Big On Fish Team is constantly expanding, but below are a few key figures who work around the clock to deliver the 5* service that you have come to expect...

Sam Hamill

Managing Director
Marine Biologist

Richard Dennis

Retail Manager
Marine Biologist

Jake Smallbone

Media & Marketing Manager
Marine Biologist

Aaron Malik

Customer Relations Manager
Marine Biologist

So Why Choose Us?

60+ Years Experience

Our team of marine biologists and customer assistants are here to help you maximise your experience of the hobby. Together we have over 60 years of experience, and the support of some of the world's leading retailers and manufacturers.

Trusted Products

We only stock products that we trust, backed by a product guarantee to protect you. We actively communicate with customers to ensure our manufacturers are delivering the standards we expect. Ultimately, if we don't trust it, we don't sell it.

Price Match Promise

All our dry goods are backed by our price match promise whereby we match the prices of the industry's biggest retailers. It's simple, if you can find it cheaper, we'll give you a voucher of the difference.

World Class Quality

We work closely with manufacturers to adapt and improve products to make them the best on the market. Rigorous and thorough testing of all of the products we sell allows you to shop with confidence.

Livestock Guarantee

All our livestock are responsibly sourced and fully quarantined prior to shipping. We operate a strict quality control policy on each and every package that we send. As such all our livestock are shipped with an Arrive Alive Guarantee.

Our Partnerships

Not only do we work alongside manufacturers and retailers but we also have relationships with numerous charities, software developers, educational institutions and industry experts. This has allowed us to provide you with only the best products and expertise.

Customer Service

Have a question? Our team of friendly and professional customer service advisors are on hand to help you answer it, no matter what. Give us a call on 0800 002 9795 or send us an email at customerservices@bigonfish.co.uk.


We have worked hard to ensure we provide you with the necessary tools to be a successful aquarist. From guides and how-to videos, articles and product reviews, cutting edge software and educational resources, even down to our own TV channel, you won't find better anywhere else.

What our customers have to say...

"5* Customer Service. Fish arrived in perfect condition, will definitely be shopping again soon."

Michael Kilbane, Hertfordshire

"New aquarium just arrived, thanks again Big On Fish! Hats off to your team, kind friendly and very helpful.Cant wait to get it set up."

Carl Baker, Kent

"Was a bit sceptical about ordering fish online but wow! Amazing quality, much better than my local fish store."

Tom Redford, Manchester

Our Responsibility

Here at Big On Fish we take our social and environmental responsibility very seriously. We actively monitor and implement strategy thats shapes and moulds the way we work to ensure our business looks after not just our customers, but also the communities and environments in which we work. From conservation to community outreach and corporate emissions targets we set the bar high, striving to be an example for other businesses to follow.


People engaged in active community and environmental projects.


Donations collected for our Partners


Successful Projects

Captive Bred Livestock Initiative

As a supplier of livestock we believe it is our duty to minimise this impact to preserve these environments for future generations. Big On Fish is working to increase the number and range of captive bred livestock available in order to reduce wild population harvests and minimise the impact of the aquatic hobby on the natural environment.

Research Initiative

Big On Fish works with industry and academic institutions promoting and supporting research into the aquatic environment. If your company or institution has a research project that you would like our help with please contact us at trade@bigonfish.co.uk or call 0800 002 9795.


Big On Fish is partnered with multiple Conservation Trusts and Charities. We actively raise and donate funds to these institutions to fund particular projects and initiatives. Look out for products marked "in aid of" or add a donation at the checkout. This year Big On Fish is committing 5% of revenue to our partners. Want to make a donation? Click the button below to get started.


Global & Domestic Initiative

As a global business importing and exporting products around the world, it is important we are trading with responsible countries and businesses. For this reason, we have strict policy that ensures we do not conduct business with any country that we deem to fall short of carrying out its global and domestic responsibilities.

Environmental Clean Up Initiative

Big On Fish actively funds, runs, and supports environmental clean-up initiatives across the UK and the globe. We are always looking to reach further afield and engage more people, so if you think you could contact us by email at customerservices@bigonfish.co.uk.

Community Outreach Initiative

The world is a big place and it can be hard to know why you should want to protect something when you don't know just how amazing it really is. That is why Big On Fish began the Community Outreach Initiative, bringing communities and their local environments together, nurturing a better understanding of and love for these environments.

Corporate Emissions Initiative

Our Corporate Emissions Initiative was enacted to ensure we understand the impact our business has on the environment, helping us to find alternatives that reduce our footprint and allow us to work towards emissions targets. From recycled packaging to low energy lighting, little actions put together can make a big difference.

Education Initiative

We work closely with the younger generations in society, ensuring they know about the world around them and have all the tools they need to protect it for their own futures. Focused on the aquatic environment our Education Initiative is easily accessible and adaptable to students of all ages. Would you like Big On Fish to visit your students? Contact us at customerservices@bigonfish.co.uk to find out more.