Deep Sea Jewels

Click on groups of 3 or more connected jewels to remove those jewels.

Deep Sea Trijong

Mahjong Solitaire game with Triangular tiles. Remove tiles in pairs.

Penguin Word Twist

Can you guess all words with the given letters?

Shell Challenge

Click as fast as possible on the shell indicated top right.

Frozen Tiles

Try to remove all frozen tiles by combining 2 of the same non frozen tiles.

1010 Hex

1010 game with Hex shapes. Drag shapes onto the board and complete lines.

Sea Jong

50 levels of Mahjong Solitaire at the bottom of the Ocean.

Frog Jumper

Get your frog savely to the other side of the river. Jump on objects and do not fall.

Connect Fish

Mahjong Connect in the Ocean. Connect two of the same to remove those tiles.

Neptune Solitaire

Try to remove all cards by combining cards of consecutive ranks.

Ocean Bubbles

Shoot bubbles & create groups of the same bubbles to remove them.

Deep Dive

Dive as long and deep as possible. Collect coins and air bubbles.

Game Play

Please be aware that these games on the Big On Fish website are designed for some Tablets, in the landscape position and for Desktop computers.
* Not suitable for mobile phones.
Please play responsibly and take frequent breaks whilst playing